11/05/2022. Ever Resource wins Cambridge Independent “Cleantech Company of the Year” award.

The "Cleantech Company of the Year" award, part of Cambridge Independent's "Science and Technology Awards 2022", went to Ever Resource.

15/12/2021. Grant funding secured for the recovery of lithium from battery black mass.

Ever Resource and a Korean company have been awarded grant-funding of £650,000 to develop a novel electrolytic cell for the recovery of lithium salts.

09/08/2021. Ever Resource is featured in UK Parliament’s ‘300 Years of Leadership and Innovation’.

Ever Resource and iQ Power are featured in the official History of Parliament Trust '300 Years of Innovation' commemorative album.

27/07/2021. Ever Resource and partners win Faraday Battery Challenge Innovation R&D Funding.

Ever Resource and its partners secure £777,000 in grant funding to develop innovative discharging technologies for electric vehicle battery packs.

04/05/2021. Fenix Battery Recycling acquires new site in Kilwinning, Scotland.

New Kilwinning site for Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd expedites Ever Resource's and Fenix's roll-out of battery recycling innovation.

07/04/2021. Innovate UK funding awarded for Ever Resource’s Lithium-Ion battery recycling project.

Ever Resource, Fenix Battery Recycling and Birmingham University have secured £955K GBP in grant-funding to develop game-changing separation technology for the recycling of Lithium-Ion batteries.

01/02/2021. EPSRC funding for a research project on the catalytic degradation of mixed plastics.

The EPSRC IAA's "Partnership Development Award" will provide £100,000 for a joint research project with Cambridge University, UK, and City Oil Field, South Korea.

20/11/2020. EPSRC funded PhD project at Cranfield University, UK.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK is funding a PhD student to work on our lead-acid battery recycling project.

13/11/2020. Ever Resource wins grant-funding under the ‘Sustainable Innovation Fund’ framework.

Ever Resource has been awarded grant-funding under Innovate UK's 'Sustainable Innovation Fund (round 1)' framework to produce lead oxides for enhanced lead-acid batteries.

14/09/2020. Ever Resource and its partners launch the UK’s first recycling and processing facility for all battery chemistries.

Ever Resource, Fortis Renewable Energy and AnyWaste Global launch Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd - the first facility in the UK to offer on-site recycling for all types of batteries.

04/09/2020. Ever Resource to participate in Trans-Global Events’ “Plastic Free World” conference.

Ever Resource Ltd will participate in Trans-Global Events' "Plastic Free World" conference on 09 and 10 November 2020. This year's show will feature almost 200 invited speakers including Dr Athan Fox.

20/08/2020. Cyanetics and Ever Resource secure funding for proof of concept study.

Cyanetics and Ever Resource have secured funding for a proof of concept trial involving cyanobacteria. The aim of the study is to produce citric acid for use in industrial circular economy projects.

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