27/07/2021. Ever Resource and partners win Faraday Battery Challenge Innovation R&D Funding.

Ever Resource and its partners secure £777,000 in grant funding to develop innovative discharging technologies for electric vehicle battery packs.

04/05/2021. Fenix Battery Recycling acquires new site in Kilwinning, Scotland.

New Kilwinning site for Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd expedites Ever Resource's and Fenix's roll-out of battery recycling innovation.

07/04/2021. Innovate UK funding awarded for Ever Resource’s Lithium-Ion battery recycling project.

Ever Resource, Fenix Battery Recycling and Birmingham University have secured £955K GBP in grant-funding to develop game-changing separation technology for the recycling of Lithium-Ion batteries.

12/02/2021. iQ and Ever Resource sign Share Purchase Agreement.

iQ International AG, a multinational sustainable technology company with its global head office in Zug, Switzerland, has signed an agreement to acquire Ever Resource Ltd.

01/02/2021. EPSRC funding for a research project on the catalytic degradation of mixed plastics.

The EPSRC IAA's "Partnership Development Award" will provide £100,000 for a joint research project with Cambridge University, UK, and City Oil Field, South Korea.

20/11/2020. EPSRC funded PhD project at Cranfield University, UK.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK is funding a PhD student to work on our lead-acid battery recycling project.

13/11/2020. Ever Resource wins grant-funding under the ‘Sustainable Innovation Fund’ framework.

Ever Resource has been awarded grant-funding under Innovate UK's 'Sustainable Innovation Fund (round 1)' framework to produce lead oxides for enhanced lead-acid batteries.

14/09/2020. Ever Resource and its partners launch the UK’s first recycling and processing facility for all battery chemistries.

Ever Resource, Fortis Renewable Energy and AnyWaste Global launch Fenix Battery Recycling Ltd - the first facility in the UK to offer on-site recycling for all types of batteries.

04/09/2020. Ever Resource to participate in Trans-Global Events’ “Plastic Free World” conference.

Ever Resource Ltd will participate in Trans-Global Events' "Plastic Free World" conference on 09 and 10 November 2020. This year's show will feature almost 200 invited speakers including Dr Athan Fox.

20/08/2020. Cyanetics and Ever Resource secure funding for proof of concept study.

Cyanetics and Ever Resource have secured funding for a proof of concept trial involving cyanobacteria. The aim of the study is to produce citric acid for use in industrial circular economy projects.

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