ALGOLiON – early warning detection software

early warning detection
up to 1 week before thermal runway!

pure software approach
no hardware sensors

saves recall, liability,
and warranty costs

embedded software
for on-device use

QC for batteries
during design assembly

Readiness Level 9
licensing and PoC projects

Advanced and cost-effective solution for enhancing lithium
ion battery safety…

Predicting a potential battery safety hazard, long before the event occurs, is critical for keeping
battery systems safe while in use (e.g. in electric vehicles and electronic devices). The move towards
prognostics, or predictive diagnostics, is recognised by the SAE Industry Technologies Consortia
(Recommended Practice JA 6268) and by the European Commission (EC). The EC has launched
a 3.2 billion Euro project for fault prediction and degradation modeling for lithium-ion batteries
within the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) framework.

The most catastrophic failure of a lithium rechargeable cell is thermal runaway – a condition
where the temperature of the battery increases to 700 °C or more within seconds, resulting in a
fire or an explosion. This is normally due to an internal short in the cell, or other chemical
changes due to abuse, misuse or manufacturing defects.

The objective of prognostics is to shift from detecting an actual hazard (and then taking mitigating
steps to minimise consequences) to preventing it from happening in the first place. This can be
achieved by real-time analysis of battery electrical data. Detection of failures as and when they
occur would be replaced by predicting them well in advance – while the fault is still benign.

The only solution that gives you days – not hours! – of warning
and several parameters to avoid false readings

ALGOshield - small

Ever Resource Ltd is a UK supplier and representative of the ALGOLiON value proposition.
ALGOLiON, an Israeli start-up innovating the battery and automotive industries, offers the most
advanced and cost-effective solution for enhancing lithium ion battery safety. It has developed
proprietary early warning diagnostic algorithms and data analytics, using quantitative equations,
to prevent lithium rechargeable batteries from catching fire due to internal defects.

The product family, AlgoShield™, is the most advanced and cost-effective solution for enhancing
lithium ion battery safety. It is the only pure software approach in the market, and provides the
earliest advance warning of up to one week before a battery may catch fire. This contrasts with
existing methods that use hardware sensors, which not only add weight and cost to the system but
also provide notifications of only seconds before the hazard erupts. The company’s cutting-edge
technology has been recognised and passed technical due diligence. Engagements include:

– Boeing – European Aviation Safety Agency, with Airbus – Bosch Automotive Electronics –
– Sunwoda (China) – Cuberg (US) – Leviticus-Cardio (safe cardiac devices) –