The Team

Dr Athan Fox, CEO

Athan is a PhD graduate in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. His role is to develop, scale up and commercialise technology to address the world’s challenges in sustainability, recycling and the circular economy. Athan’s philosophy in life is: “if there’s only two roads ahead of you, make a new path.” His experience includes organic chemistry, patent drafting and prosecution, technology transfer and fund-raising for research and technology. Between 2016 and 2019, Athan helped raise more than £2m in grant-funding and was selected to represent the UK and the European Union tech sectors on overseas government-led missions.

Miles Freeman, MD

Miles Freeman is a former Operations Director, in a division of Ecobat Technologies (the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead). Over his career, he has amassed extensive marketing and commercial knowledge of the battery recycling market and operational delivery of various recycling technologies. As former CEO of Aurelius Environmental Ltd, Miles led the business strategy and business development to achieve £6m turnover within 3 years for a new business.

Dr Vimalnath Selvaraj, Senior Researcher

Vimalnath is a senior researcher at Ever Resource and Cambridge University, and holds a PhD in Environmental Biotechnology (Indian Institute of Science). His work on the hydrometallurgical processing of lead salts has been instrumental in shifting the FenixPb technology from Readiness Level 4 to 7. Vimalnath works broadly across the circular economy to design new processes and systems that continuously push boundaries and revolutionise our field. His unique knowledge of chemical and biological science has made him a cornerstone of our R&D programme.

Dr Peter Knight, Technology and Commercialisation Manager

Peter is an experienced researcher, laboratory manager and technology transfer professional. He has trained students, at the Materials Science & Metallurgy Department of the University of Cambridge, to operate analytical instruments and to interpret data. Peter has also worked with innovative technology, particularly in the Biotech industry, and has project-managed research and development on the hydrometallurgical processing of lead-acid battery paste.

Dr Rumen Tomov, Research Associate

Rumen holds a PhD degree from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He joined the University of Cambridge as Research Associate in November 1999. His research interest is focused in the field of functional materials for energy generation and storage technologies with emphasis on nano-structured electrodes for secondary batteries and fuel cells, and battery recycling technology. Rumen has published over 70 scientific papers in refereed journals and is a Guest Editor of Nanomaterials Journal.

Dr Marcel Yiao, Research Associate

Marcel is a PhD graduate from the Materials Science & Metallurgy Department of the University of Cambridge. He worked on the hydrometallurcical processing of lead-acid battery paste, in Professor Kumar’s research group, as EPSRC Fellow between 2018 and 2019. Marcel joined Ever Resource as a contract researcher to work on the group’s circular economy projects. His expertise in chemistry and inorganic synthesis has enabled Marcel to contribute broadly across our research and innovation programme.

The Partners

Damian Lambkin, Business Development Director

Damian has been starting up, operating and scaling up businesses for over 20 years. Having started and developed 11 of his own companies, Damian has an exceptional knowledge of what it takes for a business to succeed. He is the creator of one of the first WEEE Compliance Schemes and WEEE re-use facilities in the UK. As co-Director at the Ever Resource – Fenix Battery Recycling JV, Damian is growing our baseline recycling business, particularly in the field of battery recycling.  Damian is the CEO of AnyWaste Global – our JV partner at Fenix Battery Recycling.

Neil Muttock, Chair

Neil owns and operates EcoWaste and Recycling, a non-hazardous waste transfer station in Baldock specialising in commercial and construction waste. As co-Director at the Ever Resource – Fenix Battery Recycling JV, he explores new ways of recycling materials and reducing their carbon footprint. Neil is experienced in the management and commercialisation of new technologies. He holds an MBA from Cranfield University, and is a fully qualified UK and European patent attorney. Neil is the CEO of Fortis Renewable Energy, our JV partner at Fenix Battery Recycling.

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