20/11/2020. EPSRC funded PhD project at Cranfield University, UK.

Dr Dawid Hanak and Dr Ali Nabavi have secured funds from the EPSRC to carry out research on our lead-acid battery recycling process. The deadline to submit applications is 31 January 2021.

The project theme is “sustainable process engineering.” The successful candidate will work alongside leading researchers at Cranfield to develop a solution for the circular economy of end-of-life lead-acid batteries.

The background to this project is a hydrometallurgical process which was invented by R Vasant Kumar and span out of the University of Cambridge, UK, in 2016. This process enables conversion of end-of-life battery paste into ready-to-use new oxide, with substantial improvements to the environment – including a reduction in the carbon footprint by around 85% and reduction in the waste outputs by more than 90%.

Controlling the thermal combustion of a key intermediate is integral to the process and requires further research and development. We look forward to working with the successful candidate and Cranfield University.