07/04/2021. Innovate UK funding awarded for Ever Resource’s Lithium-Ion battery recycling project.

The surge in electric vehicles has created a need for effective Lithium-Ion battery recycling. A solution is a step closer, as Ever Resource joins forces with Fenix Battery Recycling and Birmingham University to develop innovative new separation systems. The project has been awarded £955K in grant-funding via the highly contested Innovate UK Smart Grants competition.

Emma Kendrick, Professor of Energy Materials at the University of Birmingham and her research group, including Dr Rob Somerville, have invented a process which physically / mechanically separates anode-arisings and cathode-arisings in shredded lithium batteries. Efficiencies greater than 99% have been achieved in the laboratory. By separating the two main component streams physically, all downstream recycling initiatives – including pyro, hydro and electroplating – become cleaner, less wasteful and more economic.

The project is supported by Formula E World Championship, a single-seater motorsport that uses electric cars. The technology will be piloted at Fenix’s Willenhall recycling site, alongside a Lithium-Ion shredding operation of 500 kg per hour.