01/02/2021. EPSRC funding for a research project on the catalytic degradation of mixed plastics.

The Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis, within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, has secured funding for a 1-year Post-Doc position to carry out research on the City Oil Field technology. The award, £100,000 GBP, is provided by the EPSRC IAA Partnership Development Award.

The technology, supplied by Ever Resource in partnership with iQ International AG, can process mixed plastics at low temperatures of 200 – 270 °C. The system can tolerate many types of plastics including HDPE, LDPE, polystyrene and metallised or ceramic films. A proprietary catalytic degradation process converts the mixed plastics into high-grade fuel, with excellent tolerance to impurities (including organic waste, oils, metals and more).

The project will involve collaborative work between the group of Prof. Oren Scherman and City Oil Field. iQ International and Ever Resource will be looking to raise more funding for this area of research to gain further insights into the catalytic degradation mechanisms of polymeric materials found in municipal waste and commonly used plastics.