alkaline battery recycling

At our processing site in Willenhall, we recycle end-of-life products. Our aim is to offer the first
zero-waste solution for alkaline batteries: shredding to produce zinc-based materials,
steel, paper, plastics and ‘black mass’. In partnership with the University of Cambridge, we are
implementing systems where carbon, zinc, manganese and heavy salt by-products are released
from the black mass to add value to the supply chain and eliminate landfill waste.

lithium battery recycling

We offer collection and processing services for lithium-ion batteries, currently via incumbent
supply chain channels. Our aim is to launch a processing service where lithium batteries are
discharged and/or shredded to release mineral-rich components. In partnership with Universities
and research organisations in the UK and elsewhere, we will implement systems where lithium salts
and cathodic metals are separated and supplied as materials in industry with minimal waste.

digital collection system

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with – a digital booking system
designed to help waste brokers and collectors manage their collections with ease. We are working
with their BETA system to help develop a world leading waste management booking platform.
With this system, we can a
rrange all aspects of your waste collections via our online platform and
manage all Duty of Care paperwork digitally.

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Registered Office:
St John’s Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road,
Cambridge CB4 0WS,
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01223 422041

Processing Site:
Field Street,
West Midlands WV13 2NY
United Kingdom